Maybe it's just me, but..

2014-01-07 15:29:29 by GreaserOfficial

I feel like it's a dick move to leave a bad rating with no written review at all. If I'm doing something wrong, I'd love to know what exactly I'm doing wrong. Maybe this only gets to me because I'm still a newcomer to the audio portal and rarely get ratings and reviews as it is -- But still. I feel as though people should give some explanation to a, say 2/5. Although I suppose that's how artists grow; learning to ignore the BS ratings. #Frustrationbrooo This also may be getting to me just because I'm sort of blind in creating music so far - I've have had only 2 people kind enough to leave their opinion and give me ways to improve. So, I'm not too sure on what the people want from me. I just make songs that I like and use sounds that I myself think are cool. So I suppose none of this really matters. Typing this out is just a way for me to cope with it I guess.

So that's my PSA for the day. Feedback and your thoughts on this topic is always appreciated! (:

Thankful for any supporters!


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