Scout Me Brah

2014-01-18 23:01:19 by GreaserOfficial

Submitted my first piece of art here on Newgrounds. So you should totally scout me for the art portal if you can. Or at least check out my submission here.

I've always wanted to do all of these things on Newgrounds since I was in elementary school; making music for people to listen to and art for people to enjoy. I never had the tools to do all of these things until somewhat recently. Super fun to be part of the community finally.

Hope to bring some high quality art, in general to Newgrounds pretty soon here!

Until next time.  


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2014-01-19 00:17:33

Just an FYI need at least four pieces submitted to be eligible for scouting. Do a search for ornery's guide to scouting for more info!

Good luck and have fun :)

GreaserOfficial responds:

Then I shall submit three more. Thanks for the tip!


2014-01-19 06:16:48

I shall scout you right away when you have 4 pieces :)